BioMass Fuel

An excellent source of renewable gas, biofuel is created from a variety of sources; all organic and found in nature. Biofuel is already being used to power cars and trucks in many countries including the U.S., Sweden, and the UK. Biofuel is an essential tool in creating energy independence from fossil fuels.

Cost-effective compared to petroleum to run vehicles

Can be made from wood chips, soybeans, and even leftover oil from restaurants!


Biodiesel is a form of biofuel. Aimed at creating sustainable transportation fuel, to run diesel-powered vehicles already on the road. With oil prices rising significantly since the early 2000’s, the push for the cheaper and greener choice of biodiesel has also increased.

UET is also growing its presence in ethanol and biodiesel. With relationships with producers, railroads and end users, UET can provide competitive rates to destination markets across the US. We’re also working with CARB, the EPA and different production groups to expand our footprint into the desirable renewable diesel market to further procure and supply clean fuel. UET is partnered with EcoEngineers to keep current and up to speed with compliance and regulations in the ever-changing renewable market.

Biodiesel can be used in place of diesel to run existing cars on the road. This means that no modifications are necessary to lessen emissions!

Alternative fuel stations are popping up across the United States, making biodiesel available in almost all 50 states!


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