We Believe In a Bright Future

Here at United Green Energy we believe in a bright future for all. Together we can make a difference, as your green energy partner, we can make the world a better place. United Green Energy is dedicated to being a part of the transition to a more green energy oriented world, and with your help we can make our goals come to fruition.


Trusted Renewable
Energy Partner

United Energy Trading (UET), our parent company, has been Green-e® certified, in both energy and climate, since 2014. Our sister company, Callective Energy, is also Green-e® certified, with United Green Energy soon to follow. The Green-e® program is a trusted global leader in clean energy certification, and only a select group of companies in North America hold this title. We pride ourselves on our Green-e® Certification and the assurance it gives our customers. We’ve expanded our vision to include RECs, biodiesel, carbon offsets and even more to come. Connecting and creating a network with other leaders in the green energy field, we hope to stay on the cutting edge of renewable power.


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